Body Hair Transplant

The FUE technique is ideal for the use of body hair as an additional donor area, but we have to be careful as there are high expectations related to the technique. The body hair transplant (BHT: Body Hair Transplant) consists of extracting follicular units from areas of the body which are different to the scalp.

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Surgeons consider some criteria to decide on body hair transplantation:

– If it is thought that sufficient density can be achieved with hair taken from other parts of the body. Hair transplantation treatment can be performed with the Body Hair Transplant method in people whose donor area at the back of the head is insufficient as a supply area in hair transplantation.

The person’s eligibility for hair transplantation with body hair is determined by the doctor’s examination of the areas where the grafts are to be taken. If the hair’s density in these areas is good, and its texture is close to the hair texture or of good quality, the surgeon can approve body hair transplantation for these people.

If these two criteria are not present at the same time, body hair transplantation is not performed.

How is Body Hair Transplantation Performed?

Body Hair Transplant technique is the same as standard Fue hair transplantation. Local anaesthesia is applied to the donor area. During regional anaesthesia, the person may experience some pain according to their pain threshold due to medicine, and this pain usually lasts 1-2 seconds.

Afterwards, there should be absolutely no pain while performing the FUE procedure. The time is shorter than the transplantation from the usual donor area. It is crucial to distribute the grafts taken from the body during the transplantation process among the grafts taken from the donor area with the Micro Fue method.

Suppose the grafts taken from the body are transplanted in a particular site. In that case, this area will be seen differently and unnaturally because the body hair will be different from regular hair.

When Does My Hair Grow After The Body Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplanted through body hair transplantation begins to grow in the first three weeks, just like the hair transplanted after FUE hair transplantation. 3-4 weeks after the hair transplant operation, shock shedding begins, and the transplanted hair disappears by almost 90%. New hair after the procedure starts to grow again in the 6’th month. 70-80% of the result is seen at the end of the 1st year. It may take 1.5-2 years for the full effect to manifest itself.