Six pack | Muscle Shaping

Abdominal six pack surgery is preferred for a muscular look created in the abdominal region.

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What is Abdominal Six Pack Surgery?

Abdominal six pack surgery is suitable for people who want to look healthier, fitter and more athletic. Abdominal muscle aesthetic surgery shapes the body and helps patients to feel more self-confident. This operation is made by injecting fat tissues into desired areas in the abdominal muscles. This way, the patient gets a six-pack.

No implant or prosthesis is used in abdominal six pack surgery. The muscular look is created with the person’s own fats completely. The patient’s regional excess fats are removed and added to abdominal muscles. Abdominal six pack surgery can be applied to both men and women.

How is Six Pack Surgery Performed?

Six pack surgery, which is the easiest method to eliminate the unattractiveness in the abdominal muscles, is performed by using the liposuction technique. Thus, abdominal muscles are shaped in a short time to give a fit and athletic appearance. During the application, insertions are made with micro measurements to the body. And with these insertions are used to melt the fat in the abdominal area. No incision or suture procedures are required after the operation, as the insertions to the body are made with very fine cannulas.

The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. Some patients can have excess fat in the abdominal area. Such patients are freed from all the fat in the abdominal area. Subsequently, muscle folds are revealed with the six pack application. The healing process is very rapid after the procedure which takes approximately 1 hour.

Before and After Six Pack Surgery

As is the case with other operations, a number of issues should be taken into consideration with Six Pack surgery. Therefore, if you are a smoker, you must stop smoking 2 weeks before surgery. Furthermore, In addition, drugs that act as blood diluents such as aspirin must not be used.

Smoking which was interrupted before surgery should continue for a while after surgery. The doctor will also advise that it is necessary to use a corset for a certain period of time. After the operation, which is completely painless under normal conditions, simple painkillers can be used if discomfort occurs. Finally, the healing process is very rapid since no incisions or sutures are used during surgery.

Instead of struggling for a long to get the abdominal muscles you want, you can have six pack surgery and have them in a short time. Moreover, the surgery which enables a weight loss advantage for overweight people also generates a high self-confidence.