Eyebrow Lifting And Cat Eyes

Droopy eyebrows, saggy eyelids and tired looking under eyes are most annoying clues of aging process on the upper face.

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Length of the stay

6 Days


General Anesthesia

Hospital stay

1 days

Recovery Duration

1 weeks

Operation Duration

2 – 4 hours


Regardless of young and adult, cat eyes operation is one of the most preferred facial operations of recent times. Cat eyes (Canthopexy) are now known as bella eyes, foxy eyes, cat eyes or almond eyes. With this operation, low and round eyes look more sexy, mysterious and lively. With the help of small incisions created at the end of the eye, the eyes are stretched upwards and sutured.

Brow lift and eye lift can happen at the same time.

Eyebrow lift

Depending on aging and genes, the position of the eyebrows may be low. With eyebrow lifting, you can remove the signs of aging and have a more striking and intense expression.

Brow lift can be performed with threads or surgical procedure. In case of using permanent threads, two entrances are created under the eyebrow and two entrances at the hairline of the forehead. Two threads are passed through the entrances under the eyebrows and the eyebrow is lifted upwards. The procedure can be performed with local or general anesthesia.

In the other permanent surgical method, the skin is stretched towards the hair level by removing the tissue and then the opened incision is closed. The sutures are at the hairline.