Tummy Tuck

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Length of the stay

8 Days


General Anesthesia

Hospital stay

2 days

Recovery Duration

6 months

Operation Duration

2 – 4 hours

Causes such as genetic factors, pregnancy (after pregnancy, mommy makeover procedures), aging, weight gain, weight loss cause sagging in the abdomen, stretch marks, relaxation of the abdominal muscles and fat deposition. As a result of tummy lift, excess tissue and fat are removed from the body.

Abdominoplasty is a surgical cosmetic surgery performed to eliminate sagging in the lower abdomen

A tummy tuck is also called a tummy lift or abdominoplasty, the aim is to give the abdomen a flat, flawless appearance without damaging the lower tissue.

It is possible to have a child after tummy tuck. However, after giving birth, it is necessary to wait for at least one year in order to have tummy tuck surgery.

There are two methods for tummy tuck. These are: mini and full tummy tuck.

The Procedure:

Tummy tuck procedures include 360 liposuction, that is, liposuction of the abdomen, sides and back. For this reason, tummy tuck is performed after liposuction is performed first.

You can add J-Plasma, high definition (six pack) or laser skin tightening procedures to have a more athletic appearance, in other words to accentuate your muscles or tighten your skin.

The operation takes approximately 2-4 hours.

Abdominoplasty can be combined with BBL, in other words, buttock fat transfer.

In the full tummy tuck procedure, muscle repair under the tissue is also performed in addition to sagging, skin stretch marks under the belly buttom are mostly reduced by removing the excess tissue. At the same time, the belly button is repositioned.

In the mini tummy tuck procedure, an incision is made in the lower abdomen in the size of a cesarean section. Excess tissue is removed without interfering with the muscle.

Finally, the incision is closed with aesthetic and self-dissolving sutures and the operation is terminated.

Recovery & Aftercare in Turkey after Body Lift:

The garment must be dressed for 2 months for the lower tissue to heal. You can use the faja we have provided for you for the first 4 weeks. However, since the edema will decrease and the thinning will continue, you should take the second phase of faja in the 2nd month.

Staying away from harmful habits shortens the recovery time and you can quickly return to your normal life.

When you feel better after the operation, you can return to your work and normal life.

In the first month, you should avoid movements that will force you. You can return to activities and exercises after a month.

Your scars are always in line where your underwear can hide. The dressing process is completed after 2 weeks. You can start using your scar cream after 2 weeks.