Lip Lifting

The lips appear more voluminous and fuller the natural way by shortening the distance between the nose and the upper lip by surgical means without the use of filling materials.

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Length of the stay

5 Days


General Anesthesia

Hospital stay

1 day or No

Recovery Duration

2 weeks

Operation Duration

2 hours

The procedure in Turkey:

While planning with your doctor during the consultation, how much the upper lip will be lifted is determined by how much tissue will be removed from the area under the nasal septum.

With the operation to be performed under general anesthesia for approximately one hour, a triangular piece of tissue is removed from the lower part of the nose. The upper lip is then stretched upwards and repositioned. At this stage, lip position and height are taken into account.

After adjusting the new position of the upper lip, aesthetic sutures and self-dissolving threads are used to close the incision under the nose.

Recovery and aftercare process:

Compressing with ice is applied against swelling and edema that will occur after the lip lift procedure, as well as regular use of the prescribed medications accelerates the recovery.

You can return to your normal life after a week.